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Author:  pasik [ Sun Oct 21, 2018 5:23 pm ]
Post subject:  1.70.1 servers

On Linux, if you get an error about a missing, try renaming [your rwr server folder]\lib\ to and relaunch. The lib has been disabled by default because RWR doesn't launch in Steam on Ubuntu 16.04 if it's there.

The server build is also included in the game release these days. Using SteamCMD you can pull in updates easily without having to deal with copying the media files manually, see the instructions how to set it up.

Invasion (coop)

Servers tend to run Invasion mode, so let's see about that first.

* Setup server settings
** Copy media/packages/vanilla/scripts/ to e.g. media/packages/vanilla/scripts/, to avoid Steam overwriting your settings if there's a change in an update
** Edit
** See the part with m_startServerCommand, and fill in your server name, server port, comment, etc
** Feel free to change anything else; there are some more options in the settings object if you look at media/packages/vanilla/scripts/gamemodes/invasion/

* Launch the server
Linux: ./launch_server
Windows: rwr_server.exe

* Start the Invasion script manually in the server console

* Additionally, you can make the script start automatically when launching the server by utilizing the init server console command
** Download to server root
** Edit commands.xml
** Change <alias name="init" command="say Define your own init command in commands.xml!"/> to <alias name="init" command="start_script"/>

* You can set what is shown in server list as the origin for the server
** Download to server root
** Edit geoinfo.xml
** Replace Greyland with something appropriate

* You can set admin usernames in admins.xml
** Download in server root
** Edit admins.xml to your liking, keep the names lowercase

* In general, if the script doesn't start or something else fishy is happening, you need to take a look in rwr_server.log located in server root

Dominance (PvP)

* Copy media/packages/classic/scripts/ to e.g. media/packages/classic/scripts/, customize it
* In server console: start_script media/packages/classic


Minimodes and Deathmatch modes can be run similar to Dominance, located in media/packages/minimodes and media/packages/deathmatch.


RWR server binaries are also available outside Steam:
* Link for the Linux build: ... 386.tar.gz
* Link for the Windows build: ...

You need to copy the media folder from the actual game build to your server folder, unless you use SteamCMD.

Steam Workshop

TODO: Some partial bits of info can be found here: ... _server.3F

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