1.71 released!
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Author:  JackMayol [ Tue Apr 16, 2019 11:30 pm ]
Post subject:  1.71 released!

Changelog v1.71:

  • projectiles: activated projectiles such as the Claymores, C4, AT mines, etc. can be detonated with blasts
  • fix: disappearing flares on throw
  • fix: map defined paratrooper spawn flares don't respawn after being destroyed
  • fix: grenade class projectiles sometimes going through walls at high speeds (e.g. tank cannon)
  • fix: fixed item drop handling with disconnecting while stunned
  • fix: fixed periodic map legend flicker on screen when streaming with obs while playing online
  • localization: added some overall missing translations
  • quick match: assault maps with fixed starting bases now don't show the option to show the amount of starting base as it's fix anyway
  • maps: "Green Coast" map added to online invasion - a modified version of the "Downfall" Pacific map but suited for Vanilla gameplay
  • maps: added a variant of "Rattlesnake Crescent" in the invasion map rotation where you start at the Mosque with no combat vehicles at your disposal
  • maps: fixed minor pathing issues of the broken bunkers in Misty Height, also you can't jump out of the bunkers anymore
  • maps: few fixes here and there
  • weapons: Tracer dart gun despawn time increased to match other rare gun
  • weapons: M79 ballistics tweaked
  • vehicles: Radar Tank added to online invasion for 2 maps.
  • vehicles: Repair crane added on 2 maps maps
  • vehicles: Ice cream Van added in online invasion. 15% chance to spawn on each map, you can buy ice cream there (oh really?) but also lottery tickets
  • items: community box #3 added. More than a dozen of new goodies includes!
  • calls: new paratrooper call added: elite reinforcement consisting of 3 armored paratroopers and 1 elite medic
  • invasion: player faction swapped to Greycollars on official invasion servers
  • dominance: "Green Coast" map added to the map rotator
  • deathmatch: "Green Coast" map added to the map rotator
  • minimodes: adding some player AI reduction
  • ai: added lonewolf sniper behavior
  • characters: characters now automatically jump out from vehicle after surrendering
  • modding: added process_tires as vehicle tag parameter to disable wheel physics entirely
  • modding: added blast_damage_threshold projectile parameter so that activated projectiles (C4, mines...) can be destroyed with blast damage
  • modding: added kill reward XP multiplier parameter for weapons
  • modding: added blood effect control in character files
  • modding: added general foot_step sound key in character files
  • modding: fixed item buy_price and sell_price handling
  • modding: fixed xp and rp configs not reverting to default when left undefined when using copy_from with soldier groups
  • modding: added soldier_group_name parameter for resources query command

Changelog v1.71 (PACIFIC DLC):

  • weapons: Type 4 Rocket Launcher's area of effect now matches Bazooka (was raised.)
  • weapons: set Type 99 hi-grade rifle's text to have a blue colour like other rare weapons when on the ground.
  • weapons: outside of Online Invasion mode, the Type 1 SMG and Type Hei now have matching commonness (rather than Type Hei being far more common.) Invasion remains unchanged where the Type Hei actually is the rarest weapon.
  • items: Sentry Vest "0%" layer fixed to still provide some very minor benefit like all other vests
  • misc: edited tip regarding M1 Carbine being an effective side-arm for 'Bazooka crews', as Bazookas have been a secondary slot as well for a very long time.

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